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Thursday, February 21st, 2019

This is the personal website of Sherri Wheeler. Web developer, mom, gamer, geek, and owner of Avinus Web Services (among other projects).

OfItAll Network

I love this domain - OfItAll.com - it allows me to do all kinds of fun things with subdomains. Anyway, these are my personal websites and here you'll find all kinds of random info, links, and stuff I find interesting or I'm working on. Enjoy!

Useful Calculators

Small calculators I use which I hope others will find useful.

Financial Calculators

Savings Calculator - View your monthly savings/interest growth over X years.

Savings Time Calculator - How long to save up X dollars.

Inflation Calculator - Determine the future amount needed to match today's dollars.

Mortgage Calculator - Calculate the size your mortgage payment will be.

Business Calculators

Timecard Calculator - Easy tool for totalling hours worked on an employee timecard or punchcard.
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