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What's this website about anyway?

My name is Sherri Wheeler and I'm a Canadian Web Software Developer and business professional. Here you will find a random collection of useful and interesting things, mostly of interest to me. I also do some development tests and experiments here so there are pages of half-functional stuff. and it's subdomains are my personal websites. I love this domain - - it allows me to do all kinds of fun things with subdomains. Anyway, here you'll find all kinds of useful stuff like movie times, financial calculators and links to all kinds of other personal projects of mine. Basically this is a portal site for all kinds of stuff that you might find useful, interesting, or not.

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I'm In An Ebook.

An IBM RedBook links to me!

This is cool, I just found a page on IBM's RedBook website (in an E-Book) where there is a link to one of my PHP articles that I wrote for Zend. It says:

If you want to know more about the best methods to design your Web application, a good resource for planning your PHP application architecture is Sherri Wheeler's "Mature Design Theory in Web Development": []

The html version of the page is here. The PDF version of the actual E-Book is here (I'm at the end of chapter 11.2). Unfortunately Zend moved the link so it's wrong in the E-book, but I've provided the correct link here.