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What's this website about anyway?

My name is Sherri Wheeler and I'm a Canadian Web Software Developer and business professional. Here you will find a random collection of useful and interesting things, mostly of interest to me. I also do some development tests and experiments here so there are pages of half-functional stuff. and it's subdomains are my personal websites. I love this domain - - it allows me to do all kinds of fun things with subdomains. Anyway, here you'll find all kinds of useful stuff like movie times, financial calculators and links to all kinds of other personal projects of mine. Basically this is a portal site for all kinds of stuff that you might find useful, interesting, or not.

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News And Updates

What's new with me.

Spring, 2015 While professional development has slowed due to more time spent on diapers, legos and forts. I have started a fun project developing a browser RPG game: Roboid Incorprated. Most fun I've ever had programming!

Spring, 2014 I currently work exclusively through my business, Avinus and am a Work-At-Home-Mom. Loving life these days, and facing a variety of challenges and exciting projects.

Spring, 2013 Some exciting new projects are in progress through my business, Avinus. Working directly with clients is challenging and very rewarding. Contact me if you'd like to discuss a new project. Recently, I was featured in a Windsor Star article!

Winter, 2012 I have concluded my fantastic career at Compu-Quote to focus on being home with my new son and building my own business, Avinus. This marks an exciting new chapter in my life and career and I'm looking forward to this new adventure.

Fall, 2011 It has been a year and a half since my transition from Developer to Business Analyst at Compu-Quote which I'm enjoying very much. Have also had the opportunity to work on some interesting mobile sites and open source projects.

Other Articles About Sherri

Look who's talkin'.

The Windsor Star wrote an article about me and other local entrepreneurs starting businesses from home! Local women launch businesses from home.

Mentioned in an IBM RedBook: here. The PDF version of the actual E-Book is here (I'm at the end of chapter 11.2). Unfortunately Zend moved the link so it's wrong in the E-book, but I've provided the full article on my blog.